Eyes of the Heart

In this new year 2013 I want the eyes of my heart to be opened to see God and to experience Him to the fullest. In Psalm 51 verse 10 (Amplified), the writer says “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right, persevering, and steadfast spirit within me.”

When our hearts are clean the Spirit of the Living God can abide within then we will be able to see with the spiritual eyes of our heart and not the fleshly eyes.

I want to inspire and encourage everyone to allow the spiritual eyes of your heart to see what God has planned for you this year. Michael W. Smith says it so beautifully in this song “Open the Eyes of My Heart”.


30 Days Of…Day 12 – “Thoughts About Jesus”

Today on my drive home I was thinking about what to write. Once again while listening to one of my WOW Gospel CD’s a song by Smokie Norful came on. Smokie was singing about Jesus deserving all the praise and I thought about their being so many reasons why Jesus deserves the praise.


Here are just a few reasons why He deserves the praise. He is:

  1. Righteous
  2. Holy
  3. Mighty
  4. My Redeemer
  5. My Savior
  6. My Healer
  7. My Friend
  8. A Mother
  9. A Father
  10. A Brother
  11. A Sister

He is so much more and does so much more and that’s why He is worthy of all the praise. He is there when I feel alone. He protects me from dangers I can not see. He puts a smile on my face when I really want to frown and He places people in my life just at the right time to make me laugh.

He really does deserve all the praise.