I read this post from a blogger that I am following. Know that you are blessed. This is a reminder to us all to be thankful for every good and perfect gift that God has given us.

Motivation, Perspective and Inspiration By:Carl Johnson II (Carl The Muse)

I have come to realize that some people in this world should not complain, we should not use words like struggle or stress because while we have experienced some things we know that we have not experienced the worst.

The family that eats every night and has shelter at night should never be at war, those parents and those kids should be happy and they should feel blessed and live a life full of love.

Who am I to say that I am struggling? My kids are happy and healthy, I just ate dinner, I am sitting here on this computer in the comfort of my home with my wife and family. Why should I ever fret? What more could I ask the lord for than I am already being blessed with?

Someone somewhere has a sick child, some family is hungry, some family is homeless, someone has lost someā€¦

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