Christmas and the Volkswagen

This is a memory of a time with my cousin Marilyn who has gone on to be with Lord. This memory always makes me smile when I think about it. Marilyn and I spent a lot of time together when my mom, dad, and I would go to Louisiana to visit family during the Christmas season. Christmas was and is my favorite time of year.  I enjoyed this time of year because it was about, Jesus, family, friends, and love.

This particular Christmas always makes me laugh. Marilyn and I were like sisters, especially after the death of my sister Deborah. Marilyn was about 4 years older than me, but we both thought we were in charge. Sometimes we would argue with one another, but ultimately we would still end up spending all of our time together acting silly, laughing, and having fun. We’d stay up late at night and would reminisce about the good old days.

On Christmas morning, we got up early and were excited about the day ahead. We decided not to get dressed yet since we were going to just run out drop off the gifts and come right back, so we put on robes over our pajama’s and with rollers still in our hair and scarves on our head and slippers on our feet, we gathered all the gifts we had for everyone and piled everything in the blue Volkswagen and proceeded to go my grandmother’s or as we would say up to my grandmother’s house which was about five to ten minutes from where my cousin lived (my grandmother aka mama lived on what they called Upper Third near the levee, that’s why we would say were going up to the house). My grandmother’s home was the meeting place when everyone came home to Louisiana for Christmas or any time of the year for that matter.

So we’re in the car bouncing down the road in the blue VW and now it begins to slow down; Marilyn is able to pull the car over to a safe spot and boom, it just totally stops. She tries to start it again, but it won’t start. I’m looking at are her and she’s looking at me, like what we are going to do. So, we are out here on the side of the road with rollers in our hair, pj’s, robes, and slippers, looking like God knows what trying to figure out what to do (lol), and of course there are no cell phones (still lol). Marilyn ends up walking to a phone booth (yes phone booth) and calls one of our cousins to come to the rescue. We leave her car on the side of the road later to be towed away, and we pile into my other cousins car with all the gifts and we continue to mama’s house, laughing all the way and of course totally embarrassed.

Each Christmas when I would return and spend time with Marilyn and the rest of the family, the story of the blue Volkswagen debacle and our pajama wardrobe was always a point of laughter.

The moral of the story is never leave home in your sleepwear because you never know what might happen. But on a serious note, the real moral of the story is to love your family and friends and make good sweet memories while you have them with you because you never know when they won’t be there anymore. Although Marilyn is gone, she will forever be in my heart and in my memories. May you rest in peace Marilyn we love you.

The picture below is ofMarilyn and my uncle Jerry in March of 2007. She went home to be with the Lord in September of 2011.

“A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.”

Proverbs 17:22 (Amplified)


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  1. MylahSai
    Aug 01, 2012 @ 08:07:41

    Memories are so powerful and in this case somewhat bittersweet. Praise God for the time you and Marilyn had to spend with one another! I can only imagine the looks on your faces when you discovered you were stuck on the side of the road in your pajamas! Classic! LOL


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