30 days of…Day 2 – “Thankfulness and Gratitude”

Well, I’m a little late with my post today. Today June 16, 2012, has been an emotional day for me. Today I was transported back in time; to a time that brought a loss into my life. Whenever death enters the picture, it has a way of making you stop and reflect.

This post finds me thinking of my sister Deborah and her two daughters, Kara and Kerry. They were all killed in a horrible car accident in July of 1978. Deborah was 23, Kara was 3, and Kerry was 6 months old. My sister’s husband Elvin Hoyt (my brother-in-law) was also in the accident, but survived. He later remarried and had 2 more children. Today found me sitting in a church at a home going celebration for Elvin . The celebration for him took me back 34 years to the home going celebration for my sister and her babies.

I close my eyes and I see my sister’s smile. I close my eyes and I  see Kara running back and forth down the hallway of my mom and dad’s home. She did not want to go to sleep at night so she would run from room to room until she finally got tired and would end up in bed. I see Kerry  a 6 month old baby smiling, drooling, eating, sleeping and just being a precious baby.  Today, the circle was complete and Deborah, Kara, Kerry, and Elvin will reunite.

So you are probably thinking, what does this have to do with “thankfulness and gratitude”.  For me it has a lot to do with it. My thoughts today were life is short and time should not be wasted. We should be thankful and grateful for our health, our family, our friends, our homes, our jobs, being able to walk on our own, being able to breathe without oxygen, and being able to see without having someone lead us around. I believe that if we are thankful all that we have it makes room for us to be blessed even more.

And finally, today also made think about love. Let your loved one’s know you love them and don’t just say it, but show them you love them in a tangible way. Sometimes we get upset with one another or we may have differing opinions, but never ever let that stop you from loving.

I could say more, but I will just end with words from a song (Life’s Not Promised) by gospel singer Smokie Norful, he says:

“Life is not promised to anyone There’ll be a way I’ve got somethin’ I wanna say I need to ask you some things about what life has offered you The ice, the cars, those things It really don’t mean a thing What does it mean to gain the world and in the end lose your soul (Soul!) I think I outta let you know That these things don’t last for life , Life’s not promised to anyone Live today and love someone Don’t live life so critical Make up for your miracle Life’s not promised to anyone…”

Day 2 was a tough day for me but I made it.


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  1. Dorothy Riddle
    Jun 17, 2012 @ 20:44:56

    I really enjoyed your blog today…so simple; but so profound. We should all stop, take the time to show in a tangible way how much we love our family & friends. Thank you for today’s thoughts.


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