30 days of…..Day 1 – “A Sweet Memory from my Past”

I’ve had a lot of sweet memories from my past, but the one I chose to write about today really sticks out in my mind. I’m talking about my 50th Birthday celebration. Some people say 50 is the new 40. I don’t know about that, but for me it was an awesome beginning to a new season of my life. Jill Scott’s song, “Golden” reflected for me what turning 50 was all about. She starts out by saying “I’m taking my freedom, pulling it off the shelf, putting it on my chain, wearing it round my neck, I’m taking my freedom putting it in my car, wherever I choose to go, it will take me far.” Turning 50 that was a sweet memory never to forget because God was blessing me to embark on a new journey in my life. I was able to step out the door of one season of my life and step into a new door with new and exciting adventures ahead.

Life should be celebrated not just on your birthday, but everyday of your life. Even though I turned 50 almost 6 years ago, the memory of that occasion remains fresh in the eyes of my memory.

My plans for celebrating my birthday were set into motion. I began the process and I chose the venue for the celebration. Next I choose the food and beverages and of course you know I’m not leaving out the cake (especially since I am a lover of all things sweet). I was having so much fun with my plans. Later my best, best, (did I say best girlfriend and sister) Gail, took over for me with the plans and turned the night into an awesome celebration. She chose the best them ever for my party. The theme was “Living my life like it’s Golden” by Jill Scott. So you know that song was played through out night. Since my budget was limited, I had a small/intimate celebration of 25 family and friends. We laughed, we joked, we danced, and we enjoyed an awesome trio of very talented musicians (a bassist, a drummer, and saxophonist).  The musicians turned the party out with their renditions of smooth jazz and R & B. I was the princess at the ball and my 50th Birthday, my sweet memory from my past, turned out to be a great celebration.

“Living my Life like it’s Golden” – My mom and Me on September 23, 2006

For many people the aging process brings on negative feelings. And yes, I know getting older is not necessarily the best thing in everyone’s life, but the bible says life and death are in the power of the tongue, so I chose to speak positive and powerful words to propel me into a new beginning starting at 50.

Turning 50 has its on set of issues that makes the process of aging difficult for lots of people. There are changes that start to take place such achy joints, possible arthritis, ever-increasing weight gain (especially in the mid-sections for us women). Some of us have to contend with the gray hairs sneaking in. And, I don’t know about you, but for me I have more than one pair of glasses. I have my regular glasses for distance (driving and just plain ol seeing), I have my prescription sunglasses (gotta be cool with sun glasses), and then I have my computer glasses for working on the computer and reading. This list of negatives could go on and on, but I no matter what I believe the aging process is a beautiful transformation of life.

I think the best thing for me about turning 50 is the fact that God allowed me another day, another chance to get it right, another chance to continue to grow, and another chance to expand my horizons. He has allowed me a chance to make new friendships, improve upon the relationships I already have, and to step out of my comfort zone to try new and exciting things.

My sweet memory keeps propelling me forward to stretch myself, to slowly emerge from my cocoon. Most of all, I believe turning 50 was God’s way of allowing me to remain here to continue to spread His to everyone that will receive it.

Sweet memories, I never shall forget!



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mylah Sai
    Jun 15, 2012 @ 16:05:47

    This is a great memory! So happy I was able to share it with you. I love you Mom!


  2. fayeforever21
    Jun 15, 2012 @ 16:47:37

    Thank you Ms. Mylah. Appreciate your support in all my endeavors.


  3. Mary G. Washington
    Jun 15, 2012 @ 16:52:21

    And we age so beautifully. You and your Mom, my Aunt look gorgeous on that picture. Got a few years on you my girl and I just told my church family on Sunday that despite all of the awful things I heard during the week, I was glad God had allowed me one more opportunity to get it right. “Oh to be kept by Jesus, down at His feet I fall. I would be nothing, nothing; Thou art my all and all.” Kept shining and keep making those refreshing memory post.


  4. fayeforever21
    Jun 15, 2012 @ 16:55:53

    Thank you cousin. You are so right about the “Oh to be kept by Jesus”, because if He doesn’t keep us, then we are in big trouble. Thanks for reading my blog. Love you cousin. Love, joy, peace and blessings, to you.


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